Scrapbook Paper Home Decor

Hello Inkredible Friends!

Scrapbook paper home decor

I have a bright idea to share with you today~ Ha!  I'm going to show you how you can use those lovely scrapbook papers to make your own home decor. In this case we're making a light switch cover. How awesome is it that you can enjoy your favorite scrapbook pages every day?!

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Supply List

Designer Paper: Share What You Love
Paper Snips Item 103579
Piercing Mat Item 126199
Piercing Tool Item 126189
Mod Podge Matt

DIY Light Switch Cover Using Scrapbook Paper Tutorial

1) Measure the light plate cover and add at least 1/2 inch to all sides
2) On the side of the paper that you don't want showing (the side that will be glued down) trace any outlet holes, switch holes, and screw holes.
3) Using the paper piercing mat poke holes where the screws fit in and cut out any of the switch areas. 
4) Apply mod podge to the front of the light plate cover. Matching the holes in the paper with the corresponding holes in the plate line up the paper and smooth it out and press down. Smooth out any bubbles and set to dry.
5) Once the front side is dry, turn over to the back and apply mod podge to the back edges. Wrap your paper carefully around to the back and press down and hold to let the glue set a bit. Set aside and let the back side dry.
6) After the paper is dry on both sides apply a coat of mod podge to the front of the cover and let dry.
7) Once the project is thoroughly dry you can install it on the wall. Step back, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and smile each day when you look at that work of art :)